Parents of Academic Olympians


One of the main focuses of our earlier Olympiad studies concerned how parents contributed to the Olympian's development.  After analyzing the comprehensive information supplied by the parents we concluded that the Olympian parents had an important story to tell.



Minority Parents

One of the major education problems these days is that  African American and Latino children underachieve in academics. This has been a perennial problem for decades. 


Our research team has been working on this problem for more than 20 years. Early on we found that minority children did not lack the talent to do well in school. We came to this conclusion when we were able to find other minority children that excelled in the same schools.


Once we found these high achieving families

our research team visited their families and interviewed the parents and children separately to uncover what the parents did to warrant such high achievement.


Finally, in 2017 we published a book for these minority parents.


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