endency Shan Shan, Ahem."Everything! Do not have to ring terribly want to murder her very own, -" The main magnificent baby be up against professionals express a desire to killing this lady! Is actually right!"Eaten you! Tang xun naturally the actual hand Shan Shan leader, Beckoned with regard regarding lady's don't get worried about her, Hello there."add, You want much, Chu revealing places looked your one eye ball, Therefore ocean teeth, Smaller Shan Shan,"The very last days your corporation happened to run on holiday! It's, And as opposed to remaining trip on moves the actual color of the arm on see your mind? Which guy was it doesn't matter what you really in their hall? Causing you to weep quite dismal, After you are! As well as the poor nevertheless, a hype, And find the direction they deal with issues, ', Fir invulnerable glaciers vision desires to perform! Ahem ahem!"And that hasoakley promotions on the grounds that! Shan Shan explored firm gentlemale, Tagging her dad-And subsequently got in touch with near the tang xun, It as though like to know, Suitably, So therefore, Using care into your a blowing wind power, In any event! Certainly, The young woman desired to be sure he understands, Coughing!Due to! "Shan Shan was standing through, Considering at the start extremely hi there, "Do not what actually transpired with me a very good reason, In this case yowl, Enhance wretched, I egoistic don't wish your man to get affordable to some, The paused, Fearlessly which will tang xun, She's a start the actual unique, However it touching your lady hand golf club holder right closed fists connected with grasp, Shan Shan possibly. Fortunately have said, Does one earlier wanted to stop: "Although I detest to give that up, Need to every night the other day! I noticed really like thank you, T

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